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Chapter 13
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Hourly Rates:
Business litigation, bankruptcy litigation, creditor representation, and most Chapter 7 and 11 cases for businesses are handled on an hourly basis. Typical rates start at $250 per hour.

Fixed-Price Services and Attorney Fees:
Many Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy cases for individuals are handled on a flat fee basis. The exact fee is set after the client has made a detailed disclosure of his or her financial affairs, but these are typical:
   - Chapter 7 for a consumer:  $2,100
   - Chapter 7 for an individual engaged in business:  $2,500
   - Chapter 13 for a consumer:  $3,300
   - Chapter 13 for an individual engaged in business:  $4,000
The Bankruptcy Courtís filing fee is not included in the flat fee.

Initial Consultation:
There is no charge for the initial office consultation, up to one hour, for individuals considering filing bankruptcy. For other matters, the charge for the initial office consultation, up to one hour, is $100.

Retainers in hourly fee matters vary. For flat fee bankruptcy matters, the flat fee and filing fee must be paid in full before the case is filed. For some clients with reliable income, part of the Chapter 13 flat fee can be paid through the plan following the bankruptcy filing.
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