Financial Management Course (Debtor Education)
Individuals must complete a personal financial management course with an approved provider after filing bankruptcy but before the bankruptcy discharge is scheduled to issue. If both spouses have filed a joint bankruptcy petition, both spouses must complete the course. Courses are available in person, by telephone, and via the internet and in a variety of languages.

Individuals have about two months after the bankruptcy case is filed to complete the financial management course. But donít delay. Please be aware that if you fail to complete the course and provide your attorney with a copy of the certificate at least 15 days before your discharge is scheduled to issue, your bankruptcy case may be closed without the issuance of a discharge.

There is nominal charge for the financial management course (usually between $10 and $40). The charge can be waived for those with low incomes.

Many organizations provide financial management courses.  An up to date list of approved educators can be found at:

Two of the organizations are:
Start Fresh Today
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Law Office of
Stephen K. Haynes
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Solid Start Financial